Pulp & Paper

Empowering the Pulp & Paper Industry: Mastering Challenges for Efficiency and Sustainability

The pulp and paper industry is currently dealing with dynamic changes in consumer behaviour, rising input costs, and more stringent quality and environmental standards. It has never been more important to maximise production efficiency while reducing operating costs. We specialise in enabling businesses in the pulp and paper sector to overcome challenges with water, processes, and energy.

  • Trim operational costs by conserving water and energy through efficient water reuse practices.
  • Minimise downtime while achieving peak water and energy efficiency. Enhance boiler performance through optimised feedwater and makeup water strategies.
  • Elevate heat transfer efficiency and safeguard cooling water treatment systems.
  • Safeguard essential assets against corrosion, scaling, and biofouling.
  • Ensure compliance with effluent discharge regulations through precise TOC monitoring.
  • Implement effective Legionella control measures and ensure regulatory adherence.
  • Achieve safety excellence and uncompromising regulatory compliance.


Pulp & Paper Industry:

Water treatment enables efficient water reuse, reducing consumption and operational expenses.

Optimised feedwater and makeup water strategies improve energy efficiency and reduce downtime.

They prevent corrosion, scaling, and biofouling, ensuring equipment longevity and reliability.

TOC monitoring ensures that wastewater meets regulatory standards before discharge, avoiding penalties.

In order to ensure that waste water or industrial effluents are disposed of or reused in an environmentally appropriate manner, ETPs are made to cleanse and purify them.