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Requirement for industrial water treatment in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh, a coastal state in south India

Andhra Pradesh is a state on the eastern coast of India. The state aims to be a well developed one and the state government has tried to implement a number of schemes to develop the state into a industrialized and progressive state. Having abundant water resources from the Krishna and the Godavari rivers and a large coast line provides for a great environment to grow the industrial sector.

The government is also promoting the industrial development and many sectors like electronic manufacturing and aerospace are up coming. The already existing sectors like cement, paper, food processing and the likes are also flourishing.

Government’s incentives

Seeing the benefit of the industrial growth, the government has come up with numerous schemes and incentives to promote the set up of these industries. Tax saving, monetary rebate and subsidised land costs as well as total tax exemption are just a few of these.

So what do the companies have to do?

Well, for starters, ensure the emission norms are monitored through continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) to keep them under allowable limits.

Any industrial waste water generated has to be treated in an effluent treatment plant. The government is also ready to purchase the by products such as energy generated from bio gas or manure derived from treating the industrial waste water.

Industrial waste water treatment

Simple as it may sound, this is easier said than done. Many industrial discharges are being identified as the key sources of health related problems in certain localities; some being as deadly as cancer.

Due and utmost care must be taken before releasing the industrial waste water into the local water sources for the states drainage system. For expert advice and to get a consultation on whether your industrial waste water needs an effluent treatment can be done by our experts.